Aims and Objectives


To promote access to justice to women and children.

To promote the rights and liberty of women and children.

To provide free legal service to women in strategic legal matters.

To prevent all forms of discriminations against women.

To provide legal services for survivors of sexual offences.

To facilitate development programmes that will directly impact on women.

To collaborate with civil society and religious groups, governmental and non-governmental organisations in the promotion, protection and enforcement of the rights and liberties of women.

To provide Sexual and Reproductive Health education for women.

To provide legal education on the rights and liberty of children through television and radio programmes, print media publications, school activities, outreaches, seminars, etc.

To engage and collaborate with the male counterparts in the provision and promotion of access to justice to women.

To assist in facilitating the rehabilitation of perpetrators of sexual offences against women in collaboration with health organisations and correctional facilities.

To provide free legal services to male victims of sexual offences